Child Proofing is One thing; Baby Car Seats & Safety is Another!

Thousands of parents make the same mistake. They take every vital step to ensure their child is safe but use a hand me down car seat or one that has been altered from its original condition. Not a good idea! It is better to purchase a new car seat and install it according to the package directions! Fill out the recall card and make sure you check the manufacturer’s website periodically! child safety seats, safety and supervision are keys to keeping your baby safe!

Is Your Baby Car Seat Safety Tested?

Many car seats these days are put through some pretty stringent fake accidents to see how well they fare. Before you purchase a seat, do a little online research and see which ones seemed to protect your baby the most. Beyond buying a quality seat, make sure that your baby is always in the back seat and that they are always buckled.

Even though the harness may seem tight; remember that no more than one finger should fit between the belts and your baby. It is better to remove heavy clothing and cover them with a blanket than try to fit it under the buckles. Child proofing a car is impossible; but by placing your baby in a car seat you are ensuring that their risks of death or injury are greatly reduced. Never leave home without it!


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