How & Why to Use Baby Safety Covers

Part of childproofing 101 is to think about danger before it happens. Just because Grandma hand knitted a beautiful baby blanket for you does not mean that you have to actually use it. Truth is you should purchase baby safety covers that are flame retardant and that don’t have holes or fuzzy fabrics that can cause danger.

If your baby’s finger got stuck in an afghan they could easily smother themselves with it and the fuzzy balls of some materials can cause a choking hazard. When purchasing a baby safety blanket look at the labels to ensure it meets guidelines for clothing used for sleep!

A Little Known Baby Safety Cover You Should Have in Every Bedroom

When even experienced parents have been polled few have been aware of a special type of blanket they can buy that can literally save the life of every member of their home. There are fire retardant blankets that are made of the same fabric firefighter’s use that can easily be stored under or near the beds in your home.

In the event of a fire, these blankets can be wrapped around you and your children’s bodies to protect them from fire! Coupled with a smoke detector and fire alarms, these blankets can literally help you survive a house fire!


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