Kitchen Products for Baby Safety

Kitchens are among the most unsafe places for your baby to be hanging around in. Babies are very curious and can get into things they really shouldn’t be in. It is up to the parent to watch children vigilantly during cooking and preparing food so nothing bad happens to the baby.

Curiosity Issues With Babies

Children are so naturally curious that they can get into cupboards, cabinets and drawers as soon as you have your back turned. A taller child can turn the knobs on the stove and accidentally turn on a burner or the oven. You can purchase knob covers to protect the stove knobs and you can install baby safety latches in the drawers and cabinets so the child doesn’t get into the items within the cabinet. Don’t wait until the child discovers things in these places and gets injured before you are vigilant about putting these safety measures into place.

The baby safety market has tons of these child friendly products that parents can buy in order to childproof their house and keep their child safe. Begin with the most vitally dangerous of places in the house: the bathroom and the kitchen. Purchase only those items you think will be the most helpful for you and your family and that are simple for older kids and adults to use.

Baby Safety Products

For your kitchen, there are a lot of things to choose from. Purchase unbreakable dishes and silverware so that the baby cannot drop them or toss them on the ground and break them. This goes for glasses, too. Buy cabinet and drawer locks and install them within the places as directed.

It may take an hour to put them all in but it is worth the time and effort for the peace of mind you will get. Make sure you hide and lock up all sharp items, like scissors and knives. Hide matches and lighters. Lock these items up completely so there is no chance a baby can get into them. Get an oven lock so that the baby doesn’t accidentally open the oven while you are cooking something in it. This is an important item to purchase as babies can be burned by touching the inside of the oven door or by trying to crawl into the oven.

You still need to watch your child carefully even though you have used all of the correct baby safety products. No product is completely fool proof. Keep babies out of the kitchen unless there is an adult to supervise them at all times or put them in a play pen when you are cooking and can’t always keep an eye on the baby. Even if you have purchased burner guards, a stove lock, drawer latches and cabinet latches, you need to know that none are a complete guarantee of safety. You can also use child safety gates to keep the child out of the kitchen while you are cooking. Unless they are old enough to cook dinner on their own, they have no place in the kitchen and should be kept out.


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