Learn How to Increase Safety for Babies Around Your Pool

Most places have laws in place which force you to put a fence around your pool. This can keep a wandering and curious neighborhood child from accidentally falling in; and you becoming liable. But when you have babies in the house, childproofing a pool area should take imminent precedence.

There are tons of products on the market designed to ensure that you have an impenetrable fortress around your pool from the inside and outside. It can take less than 3 minutes for a child to be submerged and drown in the water.

Smart Ways to Ensure Safety For Babies Around Your Pool

Aside from a fence, you should also make sure that you have high latching and locking gates that are self closing! This way an adult has to open it. In addition to that, if you have a pool at home think about investing in one or two of the many alarms on the market.

Some detect any water movement on the surface and others can be set to alarm if any of the exterior doors to the pool are opened. Another option; especially if you have a busy house hold is to get wrist alarms and have your children wear them. They are designed to activate as soon as one droplet of water hits them and can alert you to the fact that your child is in or around the pool. Another safety measure is to make sure that chain locks attach to all the doors that lead to the pool so that a child cannot reach them. When it comes to a pool; you rarely get a second chance.


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