Looking For Baby Safety On The Road: Two Things You Must Have

If you are planning to stay in a hotel for a while to enjoy a summer getaway or vacation you can take your childproofing know how with you and not have to invest in any specific baby safety products. Another thing is to consider asking the hotel if they have any child safe rooms, cribs or other items that you can use while you stay to make the room more enjoyable!

Once your toothbrush is packed, make sure you take some pipe cleaners and duct tape with you as well. Why? These can be used to secure doors, cabinets, VCR?s, DVD players and even sliding glass doors so your child can avoid injury! Best part is they are removable and don’t take any installation!

The One Must Have Childproofing Device for Baby Safety on the Road!

Make sure you leave enough room in your trunk to pack a spring tension baby gate. These are incredibly useful when you are traveling and can be an easy way to keep your baby out of Grandma’s antique room or make sure that they don’t go onto a porch or bathroom at a hotel.

They go up in a jiffy and can be taken down without leaving any marks. Just remember not to use them for stairs! If you are lucky enough to have room for a few panels you will have a portable play pen that you can use inside, outside or wherever you travel!


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