Proven Strategies that Provide Safety For Baby in the Yard

Little ones love the outdoors. There is nothing like a breath of fresh air to breathe new life into a cranky child. You might think that it is impossible to child proof the great outdoors; but the truth is it is important and possible to keep your outdoor areas baby safe .

Checking your yard for deep holes, ant hills or nests that house bees and other critters is a good place to start. This way your baby can be outdoors without feeling confined. Spraying for spiders and other poisonous insects and even using a border of lime to repel snakes can make your yard safer. It is best to have a fenced in yard that is free of large rocks so your child can run and play freely.

Tips to Provide Safety For Baby on the Swing set!

Another attraction is obviously the swing set in your yard. For a baby though, the climbing and swings can be dangerous. Start by placing a border of rail road ties or something similar around your swing set and fill it with either mulch chips or some sort of plastic or soft surface. This will make falls less painful and dangerous.

Attach swings that are appropriate for your child?s age and always use harness straps for little children. If you don?t want your baby climbing the ladder or slide; using baby gates can be a deterrent. Also, be sure to check under your swing set and make sure that spiders and bees haven?t made it a new home. Another consideration is the sandbox. Many neighborhood animals use it as a littler box and having one with a cover is optimal.


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