Proven Strategies to Purchase a Baby Safety Bed

Childproofing 101 begins in the nursery! Buying the bed for your child should be done with a lot of thought and careful consideration paying attention to the rules! First; buy a new child safety bed that meets all the current requirements. Second, if any pieces are missing call the manufacturer and get replacements rather than try to rig it yourself. Third, pick the mattress with much care!

An infant and baby should sleep on a firm mattress that fits very tightly into the crib frame to avoid entrapment. If you can get more than your finger in there; take the mattress back. Don’t be tempted by cute and fluffy crib decorations and if you use a mobile; remove it once your baby can pull up or reach it! Before you purchase a bed for your baby; check it out online and see if there are customer complaints or specific safety precautions that come along with it.

What to Do When the Baby Safety Bed Becomes the Enemy!

Initially, few babies care where they are sleeping. They just do. But then, the colic and fussiness hits and you might be tempted to allow your baby to come out of the baby safety bed and into yours! Lots and lots of families have a family bed! Before you do – consider a few things.

You are tired! Very tired and although you may believe you would never roll on your baby during the night; many parents do. Consider the fact that you won’t sleep well with a baby next to you and that your baby wont sleep well either. Also, no matter how much time you spent childproofing the nursery; if your baby is sleeping in you room they wont be as safe as they should be!


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