The Key Ingredients to Babies Safety at Home

Yes, you have heard it before but you will hear it again! The one thing no baby can be without; regardless of how much childproofing you have done is supervision! But there are also a few other things that parents need to do to ensure their child is safe always! First of all, being responsible.

This means not being afraid to speak up if you notice something unsafe at the sitter’s house! No one will keep your babies safety at the forefront of their life like you will. Beyond that, ensuring safety almost means being able to see the worst happening before it ever does and then fixing it. Once you have children innocent playgrounds look like looming mountains of fear- this is a good quality of parenthood and will go miles to keep your child safe!

Are you Missing the One Element of Babies Safety That Can Be The Difference Between Life & Death!

There is a lot of talk about childproofing and doing all sorts of little tasks around your home to make it safe. One thing that you might not know is that learning infant and child CPR (different than for adults) and the Heimlich maneuver can be the difference in life or death for your child or one around you.

These classes usually only take a few hours to complete and quite honestly are worth it. If your child was choking on a marble or stopped breathing – would you have to wait for a medic to arrive to save them or would you be able to take their life literally in your hands and save it! You never know when a tragedy will occur and arming yourself with this simple knowledge is absolutely important!


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