Top 5 Picks of Baby Safety Items From Moms Who Know!

Moms who have been there will tell you that there are certain things they wouldn’t live without! Childproofing a home can be made easier if you follow some tried and true advice from people who live it every day of the year. Here is a short list of baby safety items that seasoned moms would not want to be without!

First, safety gates! Lots of them and one for the trunk of the car! A baby monitor comes next – so mom can get some laundry done while your angel is sleeping! A good fitting and comfortable car seat (a DVD player is nice too) that is easy to remove and carry for those trips to the store when the baby falls asleep. Electrical covers come next because all children young and old can’t seem to resist sticking things in them and last but certainly not least…

Dad’s Get a Say Too; Top 5 Baby Safety Items Dads Love!

Mothers and fathers definitely think differently when it comes to childproofing a home. Dads by and large love all the baby safety items that effectively block off the VCR, DVD player and TV controls. Most even recommend buying a baby their very own remote to play with! Fathers agree that gates are great but also think that door knob covers are the way to go when it comes to keeping kids from opening the basement or garage doors!

Another fatherly favorite is non-slip socks to prevent their little buddy from falling on hardwood or tiled floors! The last two childproofing items all Dads love are a baby monitor (so they can watch the game and baby-sit) as well as the electrical covers!


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