Tricks for High Chair Safety and Baby Meal Time You Must Know!

Having your baby at the table can be exciting. Dinner time can also be a time when many babies get into trouble. It is important to check the stability of your high chair and ensure that it is propped out all the way.

Most high chairs have a locking mechanism! The harness system should be used and the buckles should be fixed so they are tight fighting to prevent your baby from climbing out and falling. Be careful when you are attaching the tray and always make sure that you don?t pinch little fingers. Early on begin teaching them to life up their arms.

Key Principles to Safety and Baby Care During Meal Time!

As you pull your baby to the table, make sure that there is nothing in reach that they can pull off the table. This includes place mats and tablecloths. Often, a toddler can get a serious burn by reaching and placing their hands in hot dishes or pulling the entire table of food over to them. baby safety at the table is often not about childproofing and rather about supervision. A baby can quickly and easily sneak a knife into their hand and become dangerous in no time.

While in the kitchen, be careful with small appliances that your baby may be able to reach and always keep them unplugged and preferably stored away! You might think that you are getting ahead by cooking and feeding baby at the same time- but be forewarned that using the high chair too close to the stove or carrying around hot pots and foods often lead to burns in babies!


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