Tricks to Purchasing Baby Safety Furniture for Your Living Room

Perhaps there is no such thing as safety furniture. But there are childproofing methods that are there to help make common places like your living room safer. Furniture is normally heavy and bulky and at some point your child will try to climb it. Will it tip over on them and where will it land? Baby proofing stores or aisles sell L-Brackets specifically designed to affix heavy pieces of furniture to the walls so that they won’t fall over when climbed upon.

Similarly depending on the TV you have; there are brackets designed to keep it from falling over on top of a child which has been known to kill some kids. The couch may not be dangerous, but what is under and behind it can be! Check often for choking hazards and other small items that your child will put in their mouth.

Baby Safety Furniture For The Nursery!

There is furniture for nurseries and kids rooms that is recommended for baby safety. Make sure that cribs, changing tables and other pieces in your child?s room do not contain lead paint and are up to date with current child proofing standards.

Check them for durability and for exposed screws or nails that can hurt your child. One piece of furniture you might not expect to be dangerous is the toy box! The lid should lock in the up position and not just slam down shut. There should also be holes in the top and bottom in case your baby tries to close themselves inside.


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