Two Reasons Not To Ignore the Baby Safety Harness

It is almost ironic that so many people who go to great lengths to baby proof a home; will place a child in a stroller, high chair or other piece of baby gear without even thinking about using the baby safety harness. Chances are they are made that way for a reason.

Each year pediatricians and emergency personnel respond to situations caused by things like a baby falling out of a high chair and breaking a bone or climbing out of their stroller and getting seriously injured. The harness systems are not a way of childproofing these items; but they do offer a certain deterrent quality when used. It at least makes it harder for a baby to escape. Something else to think about is that eventually, your baby will have all of their firsts! The first time they climb out of a stroller or bouncy seat! Wouldn’t it be better if they were at least harnessed in so you could catch them in the act before they fall?

The One Baby Safety Harness You MUST Never Forget to Fasten

How many times have you seen a baby in a shopping cart trying to stand up? This is an everyday occurrence and the warnings printed on the shopping carts are there because thousands of children fall out of shopping carts each year.

The floor of your grocery store is cold and very hard and a fall this length can cause a serious head injury. Use the harness straps! Another thing you should now is that the harness straps can prevent a stranger from abducting your child. Most predators are looking to make a quick getaway and if your child is buckled in they won’t be able to pull them out while you are leaning down to grab ketchup!


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