What You Might Not Know About Baby Crib Safety

When you spent all that time redoing the nursery; were you extra cautious when it came to purchasing and setting up the crib? Even so; I imagine that if you walked into the nursery right now there would be something plush; either a pillow, comforter, bumper pad or stuffed animal that potentially could threaten your childs life.

The crib should always be free of anything that a baby might accidentally pull over their face because they can smother to death. Statistics show that 581 babies died in 2008 due to suffocation from things that were left in their crib!

Throwing Baby Crib Safety Out the Window (So to Speak)

Another huge child proofing mistake that parents make is that they set up the crib next to or near a window. Sometimes you might not have a choice – but it is better for the crib to be in the center of the room than near a window. Each year children fall out of windows and in a few short months your baby could be one of them.

Also, things like lightning and trees falling during storms can make placing a crib near a window not a good idea. The other baby safety hazard is that if your crib is near the window your baby could reach the strings and cords or draperies causing a strangulation risk that is more real than imagined!


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