Why it is Vital to Child Proof the Nursery & Tips for Baby Crib Safety

The nursery will be the first room your child spends a lot of time. It is vital to take the time and make sure that every nook and cranny is safe and secure. Down the road when your baby is a toddler; this extra attention will really pay off.

The crib is also extremely important and takes more than just putting it together to ensure it is child proofed! You MUST make sure that the slats are not so wide apart that your baby’s head or leg could become entrapped. Decorative cutouts or ornate headboards can double as foot holds or a sleeping baby can easily become trapped in them. When it comes to baby crib safety; less is definitely more!

The #1 Mistakes Parents Make Childproofing That Defeats Baby Crib Safety!

Every store you go into, you will see a pregnant mom picking out all sorts of adorable comforters, pillows and stuffed animals to decorate the crib. Although cute; this is absolutely dangerous and can easily lead to infant suffocation. The crib should be child proofed – Free of anything that is thick or heavy, soft or plush! This includes bumper pads.

Infants and babies do not realize they are being suffocated while they are asleep and many don’t have the physical agility to remove things that get over their face. Put away your dreams of having the cutest crib on the block and save all of that for later. They should be put to sleep in a crib that has a tight fitting mattress, using little more than a lightweight sheet. Tuck the sheet into the foot portion of the mattress so that it can’t be accidentally pulled up and over their face!


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