Why You Should not Forget Baby Safety at Playtime

Parents know that just about everything in baby’s site ends up being a toy and eventually in their mouth. Although handing a baby a set of keys or a purse to play in order to pass time is effective it can be dangerous. Purses are especially dangerous and often contain things like cigarettes, coins, marbles, scissors, and pills.

Giving a child a pill bottle to shake is also dangerous as the lid can easily (even if it is child proof) come dislodged and your child could swallow a pill. Part of age appropriate toy testing measures the safety and risk of certain toys with detachable parts. Find toys that are age appropriate (should be marked on the box) and try not to improvise if you can!

Baby, Safety, Play and Child Proofing

What do all these words have in common? They probably summarize the concerns of your life. When your baby is playing, baby safety has to be a concern. They need to be supervised always and toys like Barbies. Toy cars or even cloth baby dolls should be discouraged. It is wise to wait on crayons, markers and paint until you child is passed the point of putting everything into their mouth.

One extremely dangerous toy for babies and even toddlers are anything that contains magnets that can be swallowed. Several children have died due to swallowing these parts and having part of their intestines magnetize together! Remain vigilant and things that are not appropriate should be held for later.


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