Analog Baby Monitors Versus Digital Baby Monitors

Baby monitors, whether they be one or two way, are a parent’s greatest gift. These are devices that help you see and/or hear your baby when you’re not around them. Baby monitors used to be simple items consisting of a receiver system and a transmitter system. As we have seen a growth in technology, baby monitors have advanced as well. Now we have digital monitors that give a parent a better quality sound and greater function of the system.

Advantages of the Digital Baby Safety Monitors

When you use a digital monitor , you are taking advantage of modern technology so they have an advantage over the other baby monitors. Whether you are using the video or audio system, the sound quality in the digital baby monitor is superior to the analog system and there is less of a chance of getting interference with these systems. They are very sensitive to noise and the picture on the digital systems is really clear.

The analog systems can be eavesdropped on if people have the same frequency as yours. Many parents would prefer to keep their baby’s movements private. With the digital system, all communications are private between you and your baby.

The analog systems are very short ranged. With the new digital monitors, you can extend the range out to a longer so that you can use the monitor in all corners of your house without being out of range of your baby.

Disadvantages of Digital Baby Monitors

The digital baby safety monitors have a few disadvantages. Some parents wonder if there are health risks to the baby with the use of electromagnetic waves to transmit sound and video. They may cause health issues in young, underdeveloped babies. If you are worried about this, you should put the monitor as far away from baby as possible so the baby doesn’t get electromagnetic wave exposure.

There is an added expense to buying digital monitors, especially if you buy a high end product. It all depends on what you need and what you can pay for.


Baby monitors that are digital in nature can offer parents the latest in baby monitoring. They have many advantages over the analog type of safety monitor, although the analog baby monitors also are effective in helping you hear what your baby is doing.


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