Are Video Baby Monitors Too Expensive

Five years ago, video baby monitors were a luxury saved only for the wealthy. Today there are numerous models on the market that are under $100 and enable parents to see and hear their baby. This is one of the best ways to maintain constant supervision while taking the time you need to relax.

With a video monitor, the base can be set up anywhere in the home and you will always see and hear your baby. This eliminates the risk of checking on a sleeping infant and accidentally waking them up. Sleep is important for mom and baby and using video monitors gives parents an incredible peace of mind when it comes to child safety and proofing that used to only be saved for the rich.

Is a Video Baby Monitor Difficult to Install

Clearly, the answer is no. Baby monitors that include video output are really not much more difficult than the conventional sound monitors are. These monitors consist of installing a camera in the baby’s room and come with a portable hand set that you can carry around the house as well as a base.

Some of them hook into television sets and allow parents to watch TV and switchover to a view of their baby’s room anytime they wish. Video monitors have really come a long way in the past few years. They are no longer bulky and are priced so that families in every price range can find one that is suitable.


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