Do You Really Need a Baby Color Monitor

You don’t really need one and they are more expensive, but they do provide a clearer picture. The color monitors have night vision and they make it easier to see in a dark room. The older black and white monitors will do just fine, especially if you use a nightlight in the room but they are definitely not as powerful and clear as the color monitors are.

The key to finding a good monitor is having one that works for you and your child proofing needs. If you live in a smaller house or apartment, than obviously, you don’t need one with a huge range and it actually may make things harder because it will pick up on your neighbor’s phones etc. Color monitors are a bit of a luxury and they will give you better sight; but they are not a necessity.

The Best Priced Baby Color Monitor on the Market.

Recently, Safety 1st came out with the best priced baby color monitor on the market. The best part is that it is digital as well. It comes in two different sizes and the smaller screen is priced under $100. This is the same price as some of the monitors that only relay sound. They are definitely worth checking out. Parents who have had both definitely agree that the color monitors transmit a crystal clear picture and give an extra sense of peace.


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