Good News for Parents Using Baby Monitors

A recent report from the Academy of Pediatrics shows that parents who use baby monitors in their home have an increased ability to prevent SIDS related deaths. Being able to hear your baby immediately when they cry allows parents to respond more quickly.

Another bonus is that infants who become entangled in covers often cry out of frustration and parents with baby monitors will be able to hear this and find the problem before they suffocate. Since supervision 24/7 is not always a possibility, it is important to implement ways to keep an eye on your baby while you sleep.

The 1 Thing you Should Know About Your Baby Monitor

The baby monitor you use has to be reliable. Before you buy one, make sure that it works off batteries, is rechargeable and can be plugged in. This way you are assured that whether the power goes off or not, your monitor will still be working.

It is important to replace the batteries often and check them to make sure they are working properly at least twice a month. The other problem many parents run into is that their baby monitor causes interference with their cordless phones. This is an easy fix. All you have to do is either change the channel on your phone or on the monitor.


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