Have you Heard of a Movement Baby Monitor for SIDS?

Just when you think they thought of everything, the baby proofing industry comes out with one more thing to help new parents. The movement baby monitor has an attachment that is placed under a sleeping infant and can actually transmit breathing and alert a parent if something seems wrong.

This is something that a camera and sound monitor will not due. For children that were born premature or that come home on child proofing monitors this can really give a parent peace of mind and a bit of sleep themselves. The movement monitors for SIDS can literally be a lifesaver and any parent overly concerned should invest in one.

The New Movement Baby Monitor With Alarms Provide Extreme Safety

Imagine falling asleep on the couch after a long morning tending to a sick baby. Then, an alarm goes off! The alarm is attached to your baby safety monitor and is saying that the little man is awake. These are incredibly useful for parents.

They hand held sets will actually send an alarm when movement in the baby’s room id detected and if it is attached to a camera with video, the camera will come on. The new baby monitors that are able to detect noise and movement are the best inventions in the world. This way you are alerted every time your baby rolls over or makes a sound. Combined with video, they not only allow a good nights sleep – but peace of mind as well.

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