How Many Baby Monitors Does a Household Need

Many families who live in large houses or have a home with two stories often wonder if they need more than one baby monitor, especially if they have multiple children. The truth is that if you get one good base system you should be able to install monitors in multiple bedrooms.

The base will remain the same and you can usually switch between the two rooms or have them alert when noise or movement in the room is activated. During the night, keeping the monitor in your bedroom, turned as loud as it will go will ensure that you hear the baby or babies should they need you.

Where is the Best Place to Put the Baby Monitor Base?

This all depends on how you are going to use your monitors. Many people find that during the day they don’t need it as much. It is common to check on your childs safety while he naps during the day and you get used to his chedule. If anything seems array, you can easily check on them since you are awake. For this reason, putting the base in the bedroom may be a good idea. This way the entire system is in your room and it can remain either plugged in or charged while you are sleeping. This will help ensure that the batteries don’t go dead during the night. Many such child proofing systems that are more expensive come with multiple bases that can be used on each floor of the home.


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