How to Choose the Right Baby Monitor For Your Baby

In the past, baby monitors have all been analog monitors. Although these are usable and will transmit audio, they are not as clear as the newer digital baby monitors are. Another childproofing benefit to digital monitors is that they have a larger range than the older versions.

This means that you may be able to walk to a neighbor’s house delivering sugar and still be able to tune in to what is going on in your home. The best bet is to try them in and around your home. Sometimes, homes with thick cement walls may experience areas in the house that do not transmit well. The digital monitors have pretty much replaced the older technology and any parent looking to buy a baby monitor should purchase one that is digital.

Why a Digital Monitor is Mom’s Best Friend!

Long after your infant becomes a toddler, most parents find themselves still using digital baby monitors. The reason is simple. Not only can you listen to your child playing in their room but also many of them have two-way communication.

Calling little Johnny down for dinner has never been easier. For children who have sleep issues, it is nice to be able to soothe them without entering the room, which always prolongs the bedtime routine. Some of the digital monitors also have temperature gauges so that you know your child’s room is always comfortable and most come with an LCD screen which is almost as clear as being in the room.


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