How to Use a Digital Baby Monitor: Pros and Cons

One gadget that is important in baby safety is the baby monitor.  There are two types of monitors: analog baby monitors and digital baby monitors.  There are one way monitors and two way monitors, each with pros and cons.  Actually, any kind of monitor is a baby proof way of keeping track of your baby when he or she is alone in his or her room.  The old style of baby monitor was simply a transmitter and a receiver that sent one-way data as to the baby’s noises and alerted parents when the baby was awake.  With advances in technology, there are now several types of baby monitors for you to choose from and this article will help you decide which kind of baby monitor to buy.  Digital baby safety monitors provide for baby safety with better functionality and quality than analog monitors.

What you need to know about Digital vs. Analog Baby Safety Monitors

There are advantages of digital monitors over analog monitors.  For example, the quality of sound used in digital monitors is far better than that used in analog monitors.  The reception is much clearer for baby safety and can be used as a video form of monitoring, a better baby proof design.  Another advantage of digital monitors is their privacy.  Analog monitors can be listened in on if another person has the same frequency as you have.  Digital monitors are better for baby safety because they extend out to a longer range than do analog monitors so parents can go to different places in the house or yard and can still hear the baby.  Analog monitors can be of a very short range.

The Downside of Digital Baby Monitors

While they are great for baby safety, digital monitors do have their issues.  Some people believe that the electromagnetic waves used in digital monitors can cause health issues in babies who are at a delicate stage of development.  If this is a concern for you, place the baby end of the monitor as far away from the baby as is feasible.  You will still baby proof the room with the monitor but it will be at a lower risk of harming the child.  Digital monitors also cost quite a bit more than do analog monitors.  You will need to decide if it is in your budget to purchase one for baby safety.

Digital baby monitors are available for any family that can afford one.  While they are superior in quality of sound and vision than analog monitors, they carry the possible risk of exposure to electromagnetic radiation to your baby and may not be something everyone would choose for baby safety or to babyproof their home.

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