Introducing the Summer Video Baby Monitor

Wow, a little known company has pretty much swept the ratings when it comes to video baby monitors. The Summer video baby monitor comes in two sizes and offers crystal clear LCD screens with color pictures and sound for under $100.

You can’t beat that. One of the best features is that the battery lives of the handsets are extremely good and that the picture quality is one of the best. These digital monitors ensure that there isn’t much interference from other electronics in the home and that they will have an increased range. Another child proofing benefit is that they should work in the basement as well.

Should You Choose the Summer Video Baby Monitor?

Evenflo, Safety 1st, One Step Ahead and a hundred other companies are competing for your business. It seems that Summer, with their introduction of affordable and quality video baby monitors cares about your wallet as well. They offer several to choose from in a price range of $100-$250. The best part is that they have color monitors and are digitally enhanced providing good range and reception. The LCD screens provide night vision and two of the models have alarm systems that will alert you to movement or noise in your baby’s’ room.


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