One New Mom Finds the Best Baby Monitor for Her

I know baby monitors. With four children ranging in age from 12 to 2, I have been around long enough to see what’s on the market. I started with hand me down monitors and have recently upgraded to video child proofed monitors. I have to say, the video and sound monitors allow me to keep an eye on my children all the time and it is a godsend even for the older children. While I don’t spy on my children, I can leave them in a room together walk to the mailbox with my handset and know that they are killing each other.

The best monitor for me was one that allowed me to monitor two rooms at a time and that was a 1.9 GHz, ensuring that my range of reception was excellent. I can remember the days of the sound monitors and I always had to walk upstairs and go into my child’s room to see what was the matter. Now I can see if they are going to fall back to sleep on their own, or if they are up for the duration.

Wow, these things are lifesavers. The only problems I had in the beginning was some interference with my cordless phones, however that was easily fixed by changing channels on the phone. I don’t think that any parent, of young or older children should go without the best baby monitor that makes their job easier than ever before.

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