What to Look for When Shopping for a Baby Safety Monitor

One-way and two-way monitors are available for hectic days when you want to keep track of baby in his crib but can’t be there all the time. Parents can be assured of the safety of their baby and make sure he or she is not crying and in need of something—all from a distance. There are many varieties available, including video models, audio models, and digital and analog choices. Let’s take a look at what makes a good baby monitor so you can choose one within your budget that will be helpful to you as a parent.

Make sure the reception is clear with both audio and video varieties. There should be minimal static and you should easily be able to see or hear the child’s activities. You may have to try it out in your house before deciding on this quality.

A great baby safety monitor is small enough to be carried around and should be easy to use while moving about your house doing chores or working on something.

Having a visual light that lets you know a sound was picked up is a good idea. This helps when you yourself are involved in a noisy activity that might prevent you from hearing a soft baby noise.

There should be a low battery light on the receiver to let you know that the battery needs to be replaced or recharged. It would be a problem if the monitor was dead when your child really needs you.

Consider the range of the device. If the house is big or if you will be taking the receiver outside, you will want to have a wider range. If you live in a smaller place or in an apartment or condo, you will need a smaller range so you don’t pick up extraneous noise from other units or other transmitters.

You need to pay attention to bandwidth. Get as broad a bandwidth as you can afford as you may want to change frequencies to avoid outside interference.

Knowing Your Needs

Don’t forget to choose only those features that will be helpful to you so that you can easily look after your baby. Some monitors are really expensive, while others are more affordable so pay attention to what your budget allows. Know, too, that baby monitors can be of a great help for busy parents. While it may seem complicated to pick the right one out, if you stick with basic facts about what you need, you will have peace of mind and will keep your baby happy and safe.

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