The Amazing Purpose of a Handheld Baby Monitor!

Perhaps the best gift you can purchase the new mom in your life is a handheld baby monitor. Caretakers often feel like prisoners with infants, afraid to go downstairs, in the basement or to do laundry for fear that they wont hear their baby.

The handheld baby safety monitor allows you to clip the receiver on your belt and go. Of course, you can’t run to the store but you certainly can move about the house take care of what you need to do and feel confident that you will be able to hear and in some cases see, your baby! Most of them work off rechargeable batteries and should have a battery life of 2-12 hours depending on your model. As long as you remember to put them in the base when not in use, you will have instant access to the noises and sights of your infant’s room.

Give a Handheld Baby Monitor for Christmas

Many new to chlid proofing mothers do not put baby monitors on their registry because they are so expensive. The truth is whether someone has a newborn infant of three young children a handheld baby monitor can be a lifesaver. Many of them come capable of viewing several rooms at a time and they come with options of sound, video or both. This helps mom feel comfortable moving about the house knowing that she really does have eyes in the back of her head. This is a great idea to give as a holiday gift or birthday present.


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