The Overwhelming Benefits to a Two Way Baby Monitor

During infancy parents experience a tremendous amount of stress.  It can be difficult to put your baby to sleep and feel relaxed enough to get a break while they sleep without checking on them every few seconds.  As they get a little older this constant checking risks waking them from slumber.  The point is that checking on a sleeping baby is vitally important; however you should have the freedom to move around your home.  This is where a two way baby monitor plays an important role.  It is like having eyes at the back of your head, but even better!

The baby monitor is used to keep an ear and often eye out on your baby when you can’t be in the room.  Some transmit sound while others transit sound and video.  Parents can keep a receiver in the living room and watch their favorite show while feeling secure that their baby is safe!  Two way monitors have also been recently invented and they can give parents an extra peace of mind.  These enable parents to actually interact with their baby through voice transmission when not in the room.

Benefits of Purchasing a Two Way Baby Monitor

Although the one way monitors work great, for many families the two way monitors have an added feature that is tremendously helpful.  Some babies only need to hear the sound of their parent’s voice to fall back to sleep and a two way monitor allows a parent to do just that.  It also shows your baby that they are never alone and that you can and will respond to them as quickly as possible.  It helps to strengthen the bonding between parent and child and can be a great tool in helping children over come separation anxiety.

Other general who may have some general sleep issues can benefit from these new monitors.  They will learn to get themselves to sleep while talking to you but without you having to be stuck in the room.  For many parents the most difficult time is when they actually have to leave a child’s room.  The child can become upset, nervous and often hysterical and the bed time routine can be started over and over.  With this invention parents can leave and offer reassurance that they are still there with their child.

Important Things to Know About a Two Way Monitor

Just like the baby monitors that we are all used to, these monitors come with audio and video surveillance features.  In addition to that they can be carried around the home on a belt loop and do not require to be plugged into a base of any kind.  Some of these types of monitors come with a hefty price tag so it is advised to shop around quite a bit and look for sales or discounts.  Often times though buying an item that works this well for your family is worth the cost.  Some children are natural fearful by themselves and others are apprehensive about going to sleep.  By using these monitors the hysterics and stress of bed time can be alleviated for both parent and child.

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