Things to Look for In a Baby Monitor

Although wireless are often preferred they sometimes come with more interference from outside sources than their wired counterparts. For many the wireless versions give parents the options of going to the mailbox etc while still being able to remain aware and informed about what their baby is doing. The two-way feature that comes on many newer models also allows parents to talk tot heir baby while they are in different rooms. For many parents who endure sleeping issues this allows the child to feel close to the parent without the nagging to be picked up or rocked. For those transitional months a two-way monitor can be a dream come true.

There are also monitors now that allow parents to tune into their children while they are away from home using their internet connection. This is a great way to keep tabs not just on the kids but the people watching your children as well. This can also be nice for the parent who travels often and wants to stay in touch with their baby while they are away.

The bottom line when it comes to monitoring a baby is that a parent has to feel absolutely comfortable. It is important to find a model that is reliable, that doesn’t interfere with your cordless phone and that you can afford and feel comfortable installing. Some parents – especially with larger homes may need the extra comfort that video and audio brings while others might be quite comfortable relying on their baby’s whimpers and whines to alarm them to trouble. Baby monitors have definitely come a long way and one thing remains the same- supervision is key to safety! Investing in a baby monitor can be the best thing you ever did for yourself and your baby!

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