What to Look Out for in a Great Baby Safety Monitor

The best baby safety monitors give you the opportunity to move around your house or apartment while still being able to hear what is going on in the nursery. If your baby needs you for something, you can hear that on a good monitor and can respond in a timely fashion.

Baby safety monitors start with a transmitter that transmits the sound through the air or a wire to the receiver, which picks up the sound and allows you to respond to what you’re hearing. They come in three different categories of monitors, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Audio Monitors

Most parents have this type of child proofing device. It consists of a simple sound transmitter and a receiver. You carry around the receiver and it picks up sound in the nursery so that you can hear whether baby is asleep or has awakened and is crying. It is especially helpful if you use these at night to detect when your baby has awakened if you sleep in a different room from your baby.

Video Monitors

These are much fancier but are based on the same principle as audio varieties. You can hear and see your baby on a LCD screen that you carry with you or have on a table or desk. You always know in real time whether or not your baby is sleeping. Parents can be reassured by the sight of their baby sleeping. You can also hook the device up to a computer screen or television screen. The computer screen allows you to see your baby on the internet on any place the internet works. Some devices come with infrared devices so that you can easily see the baby in the dark.

Sensory Monitors

These have a transmitter which is located in a pad you place under the baby’s bed sheet or mattress. It picks up subtle movements, including breathing and if there is no movement for about twenty seconds, the device goes off and you should check on the baby.

There are lots of variations in type within the three categories. You can use rechargeable batteries if it comes with that option and they come wired or wireless. They also come with a two-way feature that allows you to soothe your baby whenever the baby is crying. Sometimes it gets them back to sleep without you having to go into the room. Others allow you to have two or more receivers which can be strategically placed throughout the house in different locations.

There can be interference in these devices from things like the microwave, concrete walls and cordless phones. If your neighbor happens to be on the same frequency on their cordless phone, you could have yourself a big problem. This is also true if neighbors have a similar baby safety monitor. Your neighbors may also be able to hear you so avoid having secret conversations in a room that has an operable baby safety monitor.

Simple audio safety monitors are adequate for most parents. They work well and give you what you need. If you want something fancier and have the budget for it, go ahead and get the video or two way monitors.


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