Why the Summer Baby Monitor is Ranked one of the Best

You may have never heard of a brand named Summer, but they have come out with an affordable and reliable baby monitor that offers video and nighttime vision. The handset for parents is small, but the picture is ultra clear and bright.

It is activated by both sound and motion and parents will never go wrong with either the larger or smaller screen version. One of the nice things is that even if the screen is off to conserve battery, if movement in the room is sense it sends a signal so mom knows to take a peep at sleeping Johnny.

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Battery life in a baby monitor is important. One of the reasons the Summer baby monitor has become popular is because the batteries are guaranteed to last 10 hours at a time. They come with rechargeable batteries and AC adapters, which means that you won’t find your self constantly replacing the batteries.

The hand held video childproofing feature is nice and they come with both a belt clip and a stand that allows you to keep it right next to the bed at night. While Summer is not one of the most well known brands, it has been ranked one of 2009’s best baby products by several testing sites. Depending on the model, you can expect to spend around $125-$200 but they are well worth the investment.


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