Why You should Get Video Baby Safety Monitors

For parents, the safety and security of the baby is paramount. On the other hand, you can’t stay with baby at all times and there will be times when your baby is left alone. This is where baby monitors come in and the best kind of baby monitor you can get is the video monitor. It allows you to see baby from a distance and keep track of what he or she is doing at all times.

Video Baby Monitors Explained

The video child safety monitor is a step up from the simple noise transmitter and receiver baby monitors. Rather than just allowing the passage of noise or audio through the transmitter, visual video of your baby can be sent through the airwaves, allowing you the opportunity to see what is happening in the nursery when baby is stirring. Parents can both hear and see what baby is doing on a monitor they keep with them.

Wireless vs. Wired Models

You can buy either the wireless or wired form of video baby monitors. The quality of each is basically the same but the wired devices are not nearly so portable as the wireless baby monitors. If you plan to use the baby monitor in just a single location, you can use the wired version of the monitor.

If you plan to move about the house with the monitor, you’ll need the wireless version. Wireless versions have the disadvantage of having more interference and the distance you can travel from the transmitter is not unlimited. The technology of the wireless devices, however, is improving.

Sound-only Baby Monitors vs. Video baby monitors

It is up to the parent’s preference as to what type of baby monitor to purchase. The video monitors are also more expensive than the sound-only monitors so you need to pay attention to that. In the end, it depends on what you are willing to pay for peace of mind.

The Next Step in Video Baby Monitors

There are new monitors that allow parents to use the internet to see what’s going on with the baby at any time, day or night, when the parent must be away from baby and the baby is using a babysitter. You set up the monitor in a certain place in the house and parents can see what’s happening with baby in real time over the internet at the office or wherever the parent happens to be.

Such devices are also known as “nanny cams” as they help you make sure that you can trust whoever is taking care of your baby. It is a good choice for parents who must work or who are traveling away from baby. Sometimes it’s just nice to see your beautiful baby whenever you want to.

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