Why You Should Have a Baby Safety Monitor

Baby safety monitors are devices parents use to keep an ear or an eye on their baby when the baby has to be alone. Such devices use a transmitter that sends signals to a receiver, which is carried on the parent’s belt or on a table (or wherever). Some have a necklace variety as well. You can hear the baby cry or fuss and go in there and check on the baby whenever you need to. The wireless varieties have limitations on how far you can go and still get a signal and the wired devices are limited by how long the wire is.

Basic Safety Monitor Overview

The transmitter on the baby monitor is usually plugged into the wall and is not able to operate without electricity. The receiver operates on battery power and can go anywhere in the house that the signal strength allows. Some receivers can be operated with electricity as well as parents often don’t go far from the receiver. The sound travels through the air and is sent to the receiver, allowing parents to know that the baby has awakened and may be fussy. Some devices are two-way devices and allow you to soothe your baby at a distance and perhaps calm him or her down when they are crying.

Why should you Use a Baby Safety Monitor

Baby safety monitors allow a parent to do something else in the house while making sure they aren’t missing a baby that has awakened and is fussy. It helps parents hear the baby from a much greater distance and can hear soft sounds you couldn’t possibly hear unless you are in the room itself. It lets you know baby is awake and that it is time to go in and get the baby.

You Should Always be Checking On Your Baby Even With a Baby Monitor Present

The soft snore of a baby lets you know the baby is sleeping and can be safely kept alone in the nursery. You shouldn’t, however, keep the baby alone without checking on him every once in a while. Babies can do something you don’t want them to do very quietly so you should peek in and see what is happening with the baby every twenty minutes or so. Even a monitor cannot prevent a baby from doing something he or she shouldn’t be doing.

The safety monitor is a good idea for busy parents who don’t want to be constantly watching the baby. You can use audio or video monitors to allow you to have a good idea of what is going on in the nursery without having to be there all the time. This is a vital aspect of baby safety. It is one of many different safety features you’ll want to have in your home so that you don’t put your baby in danger. Try out different models in the store and choose the monitor that fits within your budget and works for you.


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