Which Baby Safety Products You Really Need To Keep Your Toddler Safe

When a baby first comes into your life, all you can think about is enjoying the new bundle of joy and relaxing in their quiet and stillness. As time goes on, that little baby in your lap will be a crawling, climbing, scaling the walls toddler who will need constant supervision. One of the great things about modern society is that baby safety products have been invented to help us out in just about every room and venue of our life. The bottom line is that keeping your child safe is every parent’s goal.

The first stage of protecting your baby is probably the easiest, but the most confusing. The Child Safety Products that you cannot do without are a car seat, a safe crib, a stroller and a sturdy highchair. As your baby gains mobility you will need to extend your view of the world to include Baby Proofing everything that is within their attainable reach. This can mean readjusting crib mobiles and the like.

Simple Babyproofing Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe

Most babies begin to crawl around 7-9 months. At this point your entire house becomes a maze of dangerous issues. The first thing you should do is to provide a safe area in the home where the baby can be quarantined. The living room is always a good choice. Make sure that everything from the sockets to the rugs and all the TV accessories are secure and baby proofed.

Past the crawling days you are really headed for trouble! Toddlers are into everything and can easily scale Child Safety Gates and crib railings in order to get what they want. Test all the products in your home for security and make sure that they are remaining sturdy. It is a good idea to check and tighten bolts on everything in the home and look at all pieces of furniture as potential climbing hazards. The best way to accomplish baby proofing at this age is to go through your house on a toddlers level, on all fours and check out the view.

Just because your home is safe, doesn’t mean that your child is.  A responsible parent passes on their knowledge of child safety to others and no matter what ensures that their child is in a safe environment.

Which Baby Safety Products Are Most Important!

Obviously you don’t want to go out and buy everything on the market to ensure your baby’s safety. There are some mainstay items that will make taking care of a baby easier and safer.

  1. Baby Monitors – To give you an extra set of ears and in some cases eyes. These are invaluable tools to help keep your baby safe and give parents piece of mind. Even with a monitor in the home you still need to remain within a safe distance from your child.
  2. Make sure that your stroller, high chair, bouncy seat or any other item that your baby sits in has a properly working harness system. All babies and toddlers will eventually fall out if they are not strapped in securely.
  3. Safety Gates should be used around the home to set boundaries and keep children safe.
  4. Outlet covers should protect all outlets in your home
  5. Window guards for any low lying windows that a toddler could easily climb up to
  6. Obviously all your baby products should meet juvenile safety guidelines and be checked to make sure that there are no recalls.

You Will Easily Be Able To Spot Dangerous Places And Items Around Your Home

The best idea is to install baby safety products around your home and then take a quick and thorough crawl tour to fix or readjust anything that seems potentially dangerous.

Baby proofing will eventually become second nature. Seasoned parents are able to easily spot dangers in the yard, a friend’s house, the car, a store or anywhere else that you might visit. Consider it an ongoing process that will need constant tweaking to keep up with the every changing growth of your child. Remember to remain diligent in your ability to provide competent supervision at all times and the task of child rearing will always be safe!

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