The Basic Safety Products No Home with Children Wants to Be Without

There are some products that every home will need.  They are baby gates, outlet covers, door & drawer locks and cabinet locks.  Every drawer or cabinet that houses dangerous objects, toxins or chemicals should be locked up.  Dresser drawers should also be locked so that a small child is not risked by pulling them all out and the dresser on top of them.  Make sure that heavy furniture is secured to the wall with child safety locks.  This includes book shelves and entertainment centers that could be fatal if pulled over on your child.

All The Knobs On The Stove Should Be Equipped With Safety Knobs Or Handles

In addition to that, pay special attention to your kitchen.  All the knobs on the stove should be equipped with safety knobs or handles and it is a good idea to always use the back burners when cooking with children in the home.  One item you may overlook is an anti-scald device.  This can easily be installed on water heaters to ensure that the running water in your home never exceeds scalding temperatures that can easily burn a child.  Another option is to set your water heater at 120 degrees.

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