Baby and Child Proofing Secrets Revealed

What are the secrets to baby and child proofing? It isn’t buying the best products and it certainly isn’t having a professional come in and revamp your entire home.

The baby and child proofing secret you must know is that constant, responsible and vigilant supervision is the only way to truly ensure safety. Even if your home is as tight as a prison and you have left no stone uncovered, one or two minutes with your baby out of sight can lead to a life threatening incident. A baby monitor can be a valuable child proofing partner but far too many parents rely on them wholly when they shouldn’t. Your eyes, ears and intuition are most definitely the keys to safety for you baby and child.

Baby and Child Proofing Your Home Starts with Chemicals & medications

When you are child and baby proofing your home pay special attention to the areas that house chemicals for cleaning and medications. Poison control receives thousands of calls each year from parents whose children have ingested dangerous and potentially fatal chemicals.

Never put cleaning supplies in container used for drinking and make sure that vitamins and other medications are always locked up and out of reach. Even iron can be fatal to an infant. It is also important to keep ipecac syrup in your home in the event of your baby or child ingests something poisonous.

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