Baby Proofing Home Tips for Toddlers

Toddlers require a different level of baby proofing home techniques than younger children. After all, the gates will be used for climbing and things like toilet seat locks and outlet covers will be curious areas of the home that will spark your toddler’s interest.

They can see every day child proofing efforts as something to play with. One great idea is to use installed safety gates, installed slightly higher than standard to ensure that a toddler can’t climb over them. Child proof door knobs are also a great way to close off certain rooms in the home because even the most determined toddler (or adult) can have difficult turning them.

Baby Proofing Home Electrical Outlets for Toddlers Means Setting Limits

When it comes to some of the most dangerous areas like electrical outlets or electrical wires, one of the best things you can do is set limits for your toddler. They should be warned aggressively if they touch something that is dangerous by using easy to identify words like HOT or NO.

Still, you shouldn’t trust that they will always listen. Make sure that you use quality baby proofing products and GFCI outlets in your home so that children will not get shocked.

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