Baby Proofing House Essentials

Looking at all the baby proofing house essentials sold today it can quickly become confusing which is the best way for you to protect your children and prepare your home for children.

The truth is that there are some essential products you need and others that may not necessarily work for you. Any baby proofing checklist will tell you that baby gates, outlet covers and wranglers to hold mini blind or drapery cords are essential.

Other items that you will want to have are cabinet and drawer locks for the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom also needs to be baby proofed with GFCI outlets, and take care to cover the faucets in the bathroom so that your child won’t bump their head.

The Number One Baby Proofing House Essentials Many Parents Forget

You may have your entire house locked down like a fortress but many parents; in fact statistics show that half don’t provide smoke detectors or fire alarms in their homes. And of those that do, many don’t maintain them to ensure that they work. One of the most important child proofing house essentials is a working smoke detector and fire alarm. There should be one installed on every level of your home and outside of the doors where family members sleep.

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