Baby Proofing My Home – Living Room

The living room is probably a great place for your child to crawl and pull up. That being so, you might as well give up on the idea of a coffee table.

As part of your baby proofing checklist, make sure that furniture is not placed near windows which can give them a leg up to falling out of a window. The TV, DVD player and electrical components should also be up and out of reach, including the wires.

Use wire tethers to secure all the wiring and use L brackets to hook large furniture to the walls so it won’t tip. You can find inexpensive covers for TV, cable and DVD equipment which will ensure that pens and snacks aren’t placed inside and that small fingers aren’t pinched or injured. Low lying outlet covers should be covered and there shouldn’t be any cords hanging around.

The draperies and mini-blinds are also hazardous to a child and the strings should be secured with tie backs specifically designed to prevent strangulation. If your living room is completely child proofed, then consider using baby gates to make it a safe zone for you to put down baby so they can play.

When you think about baby proofing my home, realize that just because an area is comfortable for you, doesn’t mean it is safe for a baby. The living room can be a favorite place to hang out with your child and if you consider these rules and always make a quick visual check before laying your baby on the floor; your child will always be safe.

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