Baby proofing Solution Room by Room

Let’s start with the kitchen. Hot, hot and more hot. When a baby begins to become mobile, which occurs long before they crawl, you have to be leery of everything. Even an infant being held by Grandma can steal an earring or pendant with hands as skilled as a pick pocket and end up with a choking hazard.

If you have a gas stove, covering the knobs is important so that your child doesn’t cause a gas leak. Obviously, locking up the cabinets and doors and keeping cleaning supplies in the highest cupboard locked and out of reach are necessary precautions to take when child proofing.

Another baby proofing tip to the wise is to be careful of leaving buckets used for mopping lying around the house which can easily turn into drowning hazards. (Happens every year) Most parents hold their baby while they cook or serve dinner and for this reason you should take precautions to make sure that all appliances remain unplugged and that you never cook in grease with a baby on your hip.

If you have to set up a play pen or use gates as a barricade then so be it. Scatter rugs in the kitchen can also lead to serious injuries and should be secured with non slip backings! Also cover edges of cabinets, tables and counter tops to avoid bonks to the head.

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