Baby Proofing the Fireplace for Winter Safety

The fire place will be a place of interest for your baby or toddler. The bright colors, sparks and flames will draw them in.

This is one reason that baby proofing fireplace areas are so important. The first thing you need is a fire resistant screen to go in front so that the sparks do not hit your baby. Make sure that you baby proof well and keep all of the tools out of where your baby can accidentally touch them.

They can be hot and dangerous. If you have gas logs, you should use the same precautions and also begin setting limits when your baby is very young by keeping them away.

Year Round Baby Proofing Fireplace Areas is a Must

In addition to the fire and flames, the fireplace can be full of sharp corners, hard rocks and hearths that are sure to jam toes. Many baby proofing websites and stores sell made to order or custom fit fireplace covers that provide a padded cover for the hard hearth areas.

This essential child proofing tip for fireplaces is not expensive to implement and you can make sure that your fireplace doesn’t turn into a dangerous area in your home.

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