Baby Proofing the House

When a baby begins to become mobile, which occurs long before they crawl, you have to be leery of everything. Even an infant being held by Grandma can steal an earring or pendant with hands as skilled as a pick pocket and end up with a choking hazard.

It is difficult to prepare everything for baby and depending on your child’s level of curiosity you may find that you have to go the extra mile.

Once you get the knack of having a baby that doesn’t remain in one place, you can learn more about baby proofing the house and foresee danger before it happens. First, start with your home and get down on your hands and knees taking a tour of your home so you can see everything from her perspective.

You will be surprised at how many things you notice, from exposed bolts to forgotten outlets and electrical cords. Door stops with plastic covers, unsecured carpets and small bits and pieces of fluff are creeping in every corner. Consider that your child will either try to put everything in their mouth or their mouth on everything that they cannot pick up and act accordingly.

Also notice that from a low crawling position, things up on tabletops, book shelves and the like look curious and can easily become points of interest for a baby. After you go room by room on all fours, you can stand up and begin taking a comprehensive look at what comes next! Child proofing the house is not that difficult and can be mastered with just a little common sense.

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