Baby Proofing Your Home in One Hour

Let’s just say you have your niece and nephew coming over to spend the weekend with you. Or you are taking your own children to grandmas. Obviously, their home will not be baby proofed the way you are used to which can expose your children to all sorts of dangers.

There are easy ways of baby proofing your home that are not permanent and do not require a large investment. Duct tape can be used in a pinch to secure drawers and cabinets and to cover electrical outlets in a home. They also can be used to keep sliding doors together and for hold doors shut if a room is not appropriate for a child.

Another great on-the-road baby proofing device is a tension gate that can be used to barricade areas completely! If you have pipe cleaners you will find that they too can be used to keep things locked up. One of the biggest things to do when visiting other homes that are not baby proofed is to put breakable and other items of interest up high and out of reach.

This way your child will not be tempted to touch them. Also, once inside do a quick down low inspection to see what sort of hidden dangers may be lurking on the floor. Once you do you can quickly eliminate them.

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