Baby Proofing Your House from a Childs Perspective

One of the problems with baby proofing your house is that most parents do it from their perspective. Baby proofing your house isn’t always about what you perceive as dangers but what your children see when they move through the home.

Often, they see things completely differently and an overlooked electrical cord can prove dangerous. The best child proofing guidelines will tell you that you should take a tour of your home from your hands and knees and see what lurks in the areas your child plays in. You will no doubt see lots of exposed bolts, screws, electrical outlets and cords as well as choking hazards that you may have never noticed.

Baby Proofing Your Home & Your Draperies

Have you ever wondered why a house with a baby or toddler is often a blank canvas? Parents realize all too quickly that the hand crafted coffee table and sewn curtains or mini blinds easily become dangerous. You can purchase drapery pulls and mini blind guards at your nearest department store and they will be an exceptional way to remove this danger.

This way you can keep your draperies and blinds up without worrying that your child will become strangled or tangled. Simple solutions are the best way to baby proofing your home.

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