Easy Ways to Baby proofing Chairs with Casters

Kids and wheels are not always two things that go together. If you have chairs in your home that have casters, baby proofing them can be challenging.

But not baby proofing chairs with casters can be extremely dangerous. Kids can jump in a chair and as it rolls away they can easily hit their head. Additionally, casters can easily pinch fingers or toes unless such chairs are child proofed. It is never advised to put a booster seat for eating in a chair with casters.

Search online for caster guards that will keep your chairs from rolling. They will work with a lock mechanism very similar to those that are installed on strollers.

Options for Baby proofing Chairs with Casters

Another considerable option for baby proofing chairs with casters is to remove the wheels and replace them with store bought chair tabs. This way you won’t change the height of the chair and will be able to use them at a table.

This will not work with office chairs, however placing a thick, shag type throw rug underneath it will make it less prone to rolling around and young children will have a difficult time pushing it. Chairs with casters are not always advisable for homes with small children but before your kid gets hurt, take some measures to remove the hazard.

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