Home Baby Proofing Mistakes Even Good Parents Make

Many parents do a once over home baby proofing and still make some vital mistakes that can cause their child to be injured.

One thing often forgotten is to install an anti scald device on your water heater or to turn it down. A baby’s skin is prone to scald wounds in just three second at any temperature above 120 degrees. Another mistake is not fastening furniture to the walls in your home using L brackets. Even the stove and fridge should be secured. Kids love to climb as they get older and can pull over the entertainment center or stove on top of themselves very easily.

Home Baby Proofing Your Windows Included

Another common child proofing mistake that parents make is putting furniture too close to windows. Each year hundreds of children fall out of windows in their own home. You may not want to use window guards or install bars but you must make sure that a couch, table, crib or chair is not near a window where your child can easily lean and fall out.

Remember that a baby proofing screen is not enough to hold in a child and few toddlers have any clue about depth or height. These accidents are easily preventable but can be deadly.

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