List of Baby proofing Must Dos

Once you begin the tedious action of baby proofing you will no doubt have a list of baby proofing tasks that have to be completed. The more you shop, the more lists you will compile.

One way to keep the list at a minimum and make sure you don’t forget some of the more important ideas to child proof is to scan the internet for ready made lists of baby proofing must dos that take the guess work out of your mission. You can find these at many of the online baby proofing superstores as well as sites that offer free information about baby proofing. Some of the things that you may easily forget to add to your list are things like purchasing smoke and fire detectors, buying a mounted gate for the stairs, door knob handles and toilet seat locks for the bathroom as well as put up all medications and cleaning supplies.

Two thing You Must Have on your List of Baby Proofing Basics

Two things that you must put on the list of baby proofing basics is to adjust your water heater or install an anti-scald device as well as make sure that the mini blinds and draperies in your home are secure. Neither of these may cause much attention unless you fail to baby proof them. Many kids each year are strangled by mini blinds and emergency rooms see hundreds of young patients a month that are burned by hot water in their home. If you take care of these two things, you will ensure that you aren’t surprised by an injury later on.

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