Room by Room Baby Proofing Checklist

The only way in which you can ensure proper baby proofing is to start with one room and then move on to the next one ensuring that the specific room that you have taken up is baby proofed completely. Baby proofing can be tough especially because everything that you see may seem like a potential danger.

However, baby proofing is not all that tough even though it may seem like ti because you are otherwise overwhelmed with all that you are handling during your pregnancy. Check out this room by room checklist so that you can be sure that you have covered all areas.

Baby proofing the nursery – This is the first room that you may want to baby proof. Now your baby may not start to crawl for a few months but there are other things that you need to take care of too. Make sure that the crib is not close to a window and that the curtains or blinds of the window are not accessible for a baby. Much before the baby starts to crawl he will try and reach out to anything that is close.

You would rather that it be the mobile that is meant for him to play rather than the dangerous cords. The changing table should always have the safety guard on while the baby is on the changing table and all the furniture in the room should be bolted to the wall. If there are any electrical sockets that are at lower levels or close to the crib they need to be covered and secured at once.

Play area baby proofing – Once you have completed the child proofing of the nursery, attend to a play area that you can create for your baby. This is a nice thing to do since it will allow you some time to relax as your baby crawls and plays in the den with his toys. Not only can you be sure that you can rest a while, your baby will build up a nice appetite crawling behind his toys. Electric sockets obviously need to be secure. Try and limit the amount of furniture in this area so that your baby can crawl without it becoming an obstacle race. Some baby furniture can be thrown in. Needless to say the cords of the curtains need to be attended to.

Staircases – Babies can crawl up to the staircase and then try and maneuver their way up by trying to crawl on the stairs. While you may allow some of this when you are around, you do not obviously want this to be attempted when your baby is alone. Make sure that you get good staircase doors that have latches that are child proof.

Kitchen – This is probably the most dangerous area for your child. Dangerous shiny knives, forks, hot surfaces and cabinets full of cleaning material on the side are potentially dangerous. Ensure that knives and forks are stashed in cabinets that are higher up. Baby proofing the kitchen by using cabinet latches for all cabinets at the lower levels is recommended.


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