The Number One Baby Proofing Product for the Car

Baby proof the car? The answer of course is yes. In the beginning your child will sit happily in their car seat but as time goes on you will see that they become rambunctious and loud.

Making sure you have a two way mirror that allows you to see your child’s face is just one way to child proof the car. Also, make sure that you never leave your child in the car unattended where they can accidentally pull the car out of park. You should also keep a safety kit in the car in case you are in a wreck and make sure that you have an extra blanket in the trunk in case you break down on a cold day.

Baby Proofing Product for the Car You Can’t Forget

The most important baby proofing product for the car is an approved, car seat that fits your Childs age and weight. The second part of this equation is that it must be installed properly or else it will not work at all. Installing a car seat properly can make the difference between life and death.

You should check the laws of your state to see which car seat is best for you and always make sure you purchase one brand new that is approved for your child’s height and weight. Other wise, you put your child in grave danger.

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