Tips for Baby Proofing Screened in Porch Areas

A screened in porch offers a sense of protection and security that can often be false. The screens on most porches are not that resilient and can be easily pushed through especially if they are not reinforced with wood framing.

In order for baby proofing screen in porch areas, you should look into installing child proof and tamper proof screens on your porch that do not give or sway when pushed on. Also, the wood framework should be around 24 inches apart so that the screens will be held taut. Many people staple the screen material to wood but if you have young children you should most definitely adhere it by using screens with metal frames.

Other Options for Baby Proofing Screened in Porch Areas

You also need to look at the construction of your doors in a screened in porch area. The door should have a self closing and locking mechanism that opens from the inside so that small children may not wander out. There are many heavy duty screened doors and storm doors that will provide a safer way of keeping children in.

Also, the lower parts of the screens can be reinforced with wood sheeting in order to form a protective barrier. This way your children can push through a screen and fall off the porch. Other ideas for baby proofing screened in porch areas is to make sure that electrical outlets prone to moisture are covered with outdoor quality sockets and that no nails are apparent on the floor or on the walls.

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